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Powers of Attorney

Prepare for circumstances where you are unable to mange your own affairs

Powers of Attorney advice in Barnsley

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney allow a person (called the Donor) to appoint a person (known as an ‘Attorney’) to act on their behalf during their lifetime. Unlike Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney are used when the Donor is alive. When the Donor dies, the Lasting Power of Attorney can no longer be used, at which point the Will takes effect. In order to create a Lasting Power of Attorney the Donor must still have mental capacity.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA); one for Property and Finances and one for Health and Welfare.  The Property and Finances Lasting Power of Attorney allows the Donor’s Attorneys to, for example, handle money in bank accounts, deal with investments, pay bills and sell property.  The Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney allows the Donor’s Attorneys to make decisions regarding where the donor may live (if they were to go into care), discuss and agree upon medication, manage day to day life decisions (such as diet and routine) and (should the Donor wish) make decisions with regards to life sustaining treatment.

At Newman & Bond we are able to discuss the options available to you, giving relevant examples to assist you in making a decision that will help tailor your Lasting Power of Attorney to suit your individual needs.  Once the Lasting Powers of Attorney have been completed, they then need to be registered at the Office of the Public Guardian.  The registration fee is £82.00.  Your solicitor will manage the whole process, including ensuring the documents have been correctly executed and dealing with the registration on your behalf. Once registration has been completed, we are also able to store the original Lasting Powers of Attorney in our secure storage facility free of charge until they are required and provide you with a solicitor’s certified copy of each of your document free of charge.

Our fees for Lasting Powers of Attorney are as follows:

  • For 1 person = 1 type = £352 + VAT plus £82 registration fee – total: £504.40
  • For 1 person = both types = £602 + VAT plus £164 registration fees (2x £82) – total: £886.40
  • Spouses/partners = 1 type = £454 + VAT plus £164 registration fee (2x £82) – total: £708.80
  • Spouses/partners = both types = £804 + VAT plus £328 registration fee (4x £82) – total: £1292.80

The following items are not included in the above quotations and shall be an additional charge if they are required:

  • Call out fee
  • Doctor’s fees (if a medical note is needed to confirm capacity)
  • Fees for the appropriate action regarding an Enduring Power of Attorney if one has previously been created
  • Additional certified copies of the LPAs, if required, or certified copies of LPAs we have not completed ourselves.

More information regarding Lasting Powers of Attorney can be found here:
Lasting Power of Attorney

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Enduring Powers of Attorney are the ‘old type’ of what is now known as Lasting Powers of Attorney and are very similar in how they work.  Although Enduring Powers of Attorney that were completed prior to 1st October 2007 are still valid, you are no longer able to create a new Enduring Power of Attorney.

One of the main differences is that, unlike their new counterparts, Enduring Powers of Attorney are not registered until the Donor loses mental capacity.  Therefore, it is likely that when these are required to be used, it is the Attorneys that shall have to commence the registration process.  During the appointment, our solicitor will discuss and explain the content of the Enduring Power of Attorney, how this may affect its use and the process for registration.

Newman & Bond appreciate that due to the nature of when registration takes place, most clients wishing to register an Enduring Power of Attorney are doing so because they directly require use of the document.  Your solicitor is able to manage the registration process confidently and efficiently to reduce any unnecessary stress and delays.

Our fees to register an Enduring Power of Attorney are:
£252 + VAT plus £82 registration fee, total: £384.40

The following items are not included in the above quotation and shall be an additional charge if they are required:

  • Call out fee
  • Doctor’s / medical professional’s fees
  • Additional certified copies of the LPAs, if required, or certified copies of LPAs we have not completed ourselves.

More information regarding Lasting Powers of Attorney can be found here:

What if a person does not have a Lasting Power of Attorney or an Enduring Power of Attorney and they no longer have mental capacity to put one in place?
You can apply for a ‘Deputyship Order’.  Please contact the office for further information.

Our Private Client Team

Hannah Pedley is an Associate Solicitor who joined Newman & Bond in April 2018. Following qualification in 2017 Hannah handled a mixture of property and private client files before choosing to specialise in Wills, Probate and Lasting Powers of Attorney when she joined Newman & Bond.

Hannah is an Affiliate member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and is undergoing further qualification in pursuit of attaining her full membership and becoming a recognised Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP). She has handled a variety of different matters and the feedback received from clients has always been extremely positive.

Wanda Halliday joined Newman & Bond in 2002 and has worked as an assistant in the Private Client Department for over 10 years. Wanda helps with initial enquiries and any queries that arise during the matter. Wanda can take calls and messages when Miss Pedley is not available. 

Recent comments from surveys returned include:

“A very good company. They explained things so you could understand.”
“I have recently used Newman & Bond for Lasting Power of Attorney, Advance Decision, and a new will. As ever their work was first class in every way. I have used N&B for all matters legal since 1993... I would and do highly recommend their services for both straight forward and complex legal matters.”
“Special thanks to Hannah for her excellent work on my behalf.”
“I wish it could have been handled a bit quicker because of my condition and I explained this as I was panicking, but it got done ok. Thank you.”
“I found Miss Pedley most helpful, clear and reassuring during our consultations, there is no doubt that I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for same service.”
“I was pleased with the quick and efficient way things were dealt with. I have used Newman & Bond a number of times and always been pleased with the services.”
“It was a pleasure to deal with Hannah when obtaining probate. She was very approachable and answered all of my questions during an uncertain time. This is the second time I’ve instructed Hannah, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”
“Considering the very difficult circumstances things couldn’t have been done much differently. Well done Hannah!”
“I can’t say thank you enough. You are always helpful and there when I need anything. Thank you.”
“Thank you for your usual high quality service.”
“I have received a first class service from start to finish. I have skilfully been guided through the whole process. Thank you very much.”
“We were very satisfied with the service and made at ease. This service was very good. Thank you so much.”
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“Thank you for your expertise in the transaction.”
“We had excellent service from Hannah and all the staff involved. We use them for all our legal matters. We have already recommended them. I do not think that you could improve such an excellent service, so friendly and professional.”
“I know of no further improvements as I am completely satisfied with the service I have received.”
“Over many years I have used the services of N&B for my business and personal legal needs. At no time have I had reason to doubt their sound advice and professionalism. ”
“Miss Pedley was extremely pleasant and helpful at all times. She answered my phone calls quickly and sorted out my queries patiently.”
“Excellent service from beginning to end. (even during lockdown)”
“The solicitor’s attitude was good and understandable. Felt comfortable even though we were under pressure from “the virus”.”
“I was quite pleased with the way things were handled during lock down.”
“You are all really nice and helpful. I can’t thank you enough.”
“I have asked Newman & Bond on several occasions to act on my behalf on various matters, and always had a very satisfactory outcome. ”
“As an ordinary lay person I could not ask for any better professionalism than I’ve already received from Newman & Bond. From the very beginning to the present day. Thanks. ”
“This is not a "normal" time because of the dreadful pandemic. However, I believe that Newman & Bond have worked as quickly as they could in order to get the grant of probate and the updated title. They have always been available by email if I had any queries. Their service overall has been very good. ”
“We used Newman & Bond 39 years ago when we bought our house. Same professional, friendly service then as is now. Thank you, especially Hannah Pedley.”
“I was impressed at how things were explained to me and also how quickly my new will was drawn up. Thank you to you all.”
“We would like to thank Hannah and her secretary for making the arrangements to come outside and see my mother-in-law, during a time of uncertainty when she did not want to enter a public space due to Covid, and her mobility, restricting her to walk very far.”
“All the staff I spoke to were extremely helpful and efficient. I can’t really see any improvement to the service I received. Staff explained things and the paperwork sent out was easy to understand.”
Everything was carried out to my satisfaction under difficult circumstances because of the virus. I have used Newman & Bond on previous occasions, would not use any other company. You could not improve the service, especially as it was carried out a very difficult time (virus).
I felt at ease with Hannah at an uneasy time. Completely satisfied so no improvement needed.
I remember Mr Keeping. Since then you have remained my family solicitor. That speaks for itself. Home visit particularly appreciated. Friendly approach, starting with the receptionist on, greatly valued.
Everything done to our satisfaction.
Hannah was very efficient all the way through the will making process, explaining many points that we were unaware of. Existing clients who will continue to use you whenever a need arises. We have recommended you in the past and will continue to do so in the future. A very good informative service.
Very satisfied with everything you have done and would use again and recommend.
Extremely professional, answered all queries and questions, nothing was too much trouble. I would definitely recommend to friends and will continue to use Newman & Bond in the coming years. We have recommended to friends. Ms Pedley has been incredibly helpful in all legal matters we have discussed and arranged with her. Very professional, approachable and I would have no problems using Ms Pedley for my present and future business.
A superb service, excellent communication at all times. Caring and professional attitude treating us as a family with a lovely caring attitude, showing sympathy and understanding at a very difficult time.
Lovely service, lovely people