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Fixed Fee Divorce & Family Law Services

Fixed Fee Divorce & Family Law Services advice in Barnsley

Initial Consultation Fee

Fee – £100.00 plus VAT of £20.00 = £120.00


  • Face to face appointment with Solicitor lasting up to 1 hour.
  • Advice given on your situation and the options available.
  • Advice on future costs.
  • Advice on future action/options.

Payment will be required at or before the appointment in cash or by debit/credit card.

Divorce (Petitioner) (undefended divorce)

Fee - £349.00 plus VAT of £69.80 plus Court fee £550.00 = £968.80


  • Appointment with Solicitor.
  • Preparation of all divorce documentation.
  • All works up to obtaining Decree Absolute (the final order in your divorce).

There are some exceptions which we will advise you of if you wish to proceed.

This price is not available where your spouse lives outside of England & Wales.

Divorce (Respondent served with divorce proceedings)

Fee – £225.00 plus VAT of £45.00 = £270.00

We can advise upon divorce proceedings that you have been served with and represent you in those proceedings.

Please note that this is on the basis that you decide not to defend the proceedings or pursue your own cross-petition and on the basis that there is no dispute regarding the costs. If you wish to pursue this then further costs will be incurred. If your spouse does not apply for the Decree Absolute (the final Order ending your marriage) and you wish to do so further costs will be incurred.

Financial Agreement after Divorce

Fee – £449.00 plus VAT of £89.80 plus Court fee of £50.00 = £588.80

This would apply if you and your spouse have reached an agreement and are already divorced or in the process of being divorced and you want us to obtain a final and legal binding Court Order. Please note that the matter must be agreed with your spouse.


  • Discussing the matter in an appointment with a Solicitor.
  • Preparation of the Court documentation required.
  • Forwarding the Order to the other party so that they can sign the same.
  • Lodging the documentation with the Court.

Please note that if you are seeking a Pension Sharing Order or Attachment Order as part of the agreement, additional work is involved and therefore there will be additional fees – please call for details.

Please also note that if the Court lists the matter for a hearing, then attendance at the hearing is not included in the fee. We can attend with you but further fees will be incurred.

Other Cases

The fixed fees with regard to divorce and financial matters above have been created specifically for straight forward and/or agreed circumstances. However, in many circumstances, many matters are not agreed, e.g. with regard to children and financial matters particularly, and can make the process much more complicated. In these situations, we would advise you in the traditional way outside of a fixed fee agreement based simply on the time involved in resolving your matter. We would be able to give you an estimate as to your likely costs.