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Client Stories

Client Stories, Newman & Bond Barnsley

We deal with Personal Injury claims with values ranging from several thousand pounds to several hundred thousand pounds. Whilst all claims are dealt with in the strictest confidence, the following clients have kindly given consent for us to tell their stories.

We recently won damages for a motorcyclist. This gentleman was riding his motorbike when a driver of a car pulled out of a side road and hit him, knocking him off his motorbike and causing him to sustain compartment syndrome in the lower right leg, fracture of the IP joint of the big toe  and  soft tissue  injury to his left wrist and elbow.

The insurers for the driver of the car offered  to the Claimant the use of  Solicitors appointed by them to deal with his claim. In our opinion this creates a conflict of interest.  The Claimant chose to instruct us and a robust claim was sent to the insurers for the driver of the car and an  early admission of liability was secured.  The insurers for the car driver initially offered £18,900 and after strenuous negotiations damages were agreed at £31,000.

This case, in our opinion,  is an example of why it is important to be independently legally represented when you have been involved in a Road Traffic Accident.

We recently won damages for a lady who sustained injury from a vent in a Jacuzzi whilst on holiday. What makes some cases interesting is not the level of damages but the application of the Law that made the case a winner.

The Claimant was a guest at some holiday apartments in Cornwall.  The Claimant alleged that  she was in a Jacuzzi at the Leisure Club when her back was sucked into the Jacuzzi vent.  There was no emergency stop button and therefore the Claimant’s back was trapped in the vent until the cycle finished.  As a result of this the Claimant  sustained a large haematoma (collection of blood that had leaked from the blood vessels) to the right posterior chest wall.  The severity and duration of the suction to the chest caused deforming of the soft tissue.  This resulted in tearing of the blood vessels and internal injury under the skin and in the subcutaneous tissues including the muscles around the chest wall. 

A robust claim  form  alleging breaches of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957  was sent to the owners of the Leisure Club and an early admission of liability was secured. Damages were agreed at £2,223.

We recently won damages for a young lady who was injured whilst having a  horse riding lesson. During the lesson the horse suddenly dropped his shoulder causing her  to fall off  landing on the floor and sustaining  compression fractures in her back.

There is nothing unusual in a rider falling from a horse. However, it was alleged that the riding school involved were aware of the problem with the horse sometimes doing this.  A robust letter of claim was sent to the Riding School on the basis that they  were the owner and keeper of the horse within the meaning of the Animals Act 1971 and that  the propensity of the horse dropping his shoulder  was not one normally found in horses and which characteristics were or ought to have been known to them. 

An early admission of liability was secured and the Claimant received damages of £15,000.

We recently won damages for a lady who sustained burns to her scalp and  some hair loss after undergoing dying treatment to her hair at a hairdressing salon.

This was obviously very upsetting and distressing for the Claimant.  A robust claim form was submitted to the hairdressers and an early admission of  liability was secured. A Trichologist  (hair specialist) was instructed to prepare a report on the damage to the Claimant’s hair and scalp  and how long it would take for her hair to grow back and recover from the damage caused.

Following receipt of this report and after negotiations with the insurers for the hairdressing salon, the Claimant received damages of £6189.