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Business services

Our specialist skills and experience can help you and your business in a wide range of areas from obtaining finances to insolvency issues.

Business services advice in Barnsley

Our specialist skills and experience can pave the way to helping you start a business, obtain finance agreements, draw up and agree contracts, buy and sell a business or put partnership agreements in place. At the opposite end of the scale we can supply debt recovery services or deal with insolvency issues.

Business start-up

Setting up your own business can be the most exciting and satisfying decision you ever make. But while the potential rewards can be enormous, so can the risks. We can ensure you receive help and advice to provide a sound platform to start your business venture.


If your business is to be fully protected in the event of a dispute it is essential that you get professionally drafted contracts, or standard terms of business, drawn up. Written contracts enable you to have an exact record of what you will provide as a service or goods for customers. It should also encompass related matters, such as the method and timing of payments due.

We can draft contracts and terms of business to ensure your business is protected at the outset.

Business Asset Sales and Purchases

Businesses evolve and change all the time. We are able to advise upon the legal issues arising during this process. When the time comes for you to buy or sell a business, we can guide you through the stages and requirements to provide smooth passage; ensuring no surprises or liabilities emerge in the future.

Partnership agreements

If your business is a partnership you should ensure a formal Partnership Deed is drawn up to reflect the terms agreed between yourself and the other partners. It is important to remember that if a deed is not in place, the partnership may need to be dissolved in the event of a dispute; you may also face difficulties and potential court action to get rid of a disruptive partner.

There are various issues to consider at the outset, for example: who the partners are, the division of shares and how profits (and losses) are shared. Advice during this stage is vital and the Partnership Deed should also be reviewed periodically, to take account of any changes within the partnership, e.g. the inclusion of new partners.

Business to Business Commercial Debt Recovery

We can help your business maintain cash flow by providing debt recovery services and pursuing debtors on your behalf. From recovering a single debt to dealing with all your debt recovery work we aim to recover unpaid debts quickly and cost-effectively, but always with a view to protecting any ongoing business relationship between clients and their debtors.


Our practitioners specialise in helping business clients faced with severe financial difficulties, often in liaison with a qualified Insolvency Practitioner. The complex laws surrounding the issues of receivership, bankruptcy, liquidation, administration, winding up and the disqualification of directors, requires expert professional advice to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

For advice upon Business Services contact: Jill Leece, Partner

For advice upon Debt Recovery and Insolvency Services contact: Adam Leece, Associate Solicitor